Microsoft’s latest Bing promotion could net you some Christmas cheer

December 3, 2012

Microsoft's latest Bing promotion could net you some Christmas cheerMicrosoft has been trying to defeat Google for years now.  The company has tried a variety of different contests and promotions to get people to switch from Google search to Bing.  The latest contest is called “Bing It On”.  Winners of the contest can look forward to a variety of Windows devices or a trip to anywhere in the US.

The Bing It On challenge uses a “blind” comparison test where you type in your search term and you are confronted with side by side search results.  Neither result is labeled so you don’t know which is Bing and which is Google. You have three choice of ratings: Left, Draw, Right.  The contest has you enter five different search terms and then rate them. After your fifth search, it shows you how many of your choices were Bing results and how many Google.  It also allows you to enter the contest.

Bing It On graphic

If you choose to enter the contest, the prizes are excellent especially if you have been hankering for a new Windows 8 device.  The grand prize “is a $10,000 paid trip to any place in the U.S.”  The trip includes all of the essentials like airfare, hotel and even a little spending money.  Four first prize winners will win the “Microsoft Box of Awesome”, “a selection of Microsoft products, including a Windows 8 PC or tablet, Xbox 360 with Kinect, Windows Phone 8 and more.”

For many the chance at a new tablet or PC will certainly be enticing. One thing to keep in mind is that for every prize you win there is a little matter of taxes that have to be paid.  The taxes could be federal, state and local. That $10,000 trip could wind up costing you quite a bit in taxes.  The Windows prizes would certainly be more affordable tax wise. If you want more general information on potential tax liability you can look here and here.

Out of my five search terms, two were Draws, two were Bing and one was Google.  The claim is that “People chose Bing web search results over Google nearly 2 to 1 in blind comparison tests”.  My results would seem to reinforce the company’s boast but I think it would take more than five search results for me to be convinced especially since two of them were a draw. 

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