Free Windows phones for Android victims

December 13, 2011

Grabbing yourself a free Windows Phone 7.5 handset could be as easy as tweeting. If you’re very, very lucky. And funny. And hateful towards Android.

Ben Rudolph AKA @benthepcguy is the Windows Phone evangelist for Microsoft. It’s his job to talk up and promote the Windows Phone mobile OS at every opportunity. His latest effort has gained much publicity, and him a notoriety which will make him either a hero or a villain depending on which flavor of fanboy you are.

According to Naked Security, Rudolph announced on Twitter that he had five Windows Phone handsets to give away for free to people willing to tweet about their experiences with malware on Google Android. The funniest, as judged by Rudolph, will win the handsets.

It isn’t too late (at the time of publication) to get your #droidrage tweet in. But Rudolph has thousands of tweets to sift through so yours would have to be something special to be one of the five chosen to receive a free Windows Phone handset. But then Microsoft and Rudolph aren’t doing this to actually hear about your Android experiences.

This is actually an ingenious marketing campaign. For the cost of giving it five free Windows Phone handsets, Microsoft will have thousands of people openly complaining on Twitter about Android. And creating the #droidrage hashtag means those tweets will gain some weight in terms of search queries. On Google, no less.

Although #droidrage isn’t yet a Top 10 trend, at least on my side of the world, the stream of #droidrage tweets is seemingly endless. The hashtag has even become a meme of its own as people are using it to do more than just report Android malware to Microsoft in the hopes of bagging a free Windows Phone handset.

Microsoft isn’t known for its great advertising. Although it has been doing better more recently. But perhaps this is the way forward for the company; using social networking sites to create negative campaigns against its rivals. After all, turning the attention on to the shortcomings of competitors certainly worked for Apple.

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