Microsoft’s new Mango phones will have Tango not Skype

October 26, 2011

Microsoft's new Mango phones will have Tango not SkypeMango is Microsoft’s code name for the latest update to Windows Phone 7.  Handsets are beginning to hit the market.  Since Windows Phone 7 handsets must be competitive, they have to have two cameras, one for videocalls.  The first Mango handsets will have Tango available as the standard videocalling app, not newly acquired Skype.

Forbes reported that Tango was chosen because Microsoft’s purchase of Skype wasn’t finalized in Europe until earlier this month.  Skype plans to have its internet service embedded in the OS at some point in the future.

Tango has been working with Microsoft so that its program would work seamlessly.  It fits into Microsoft’s Metro style found on Windows Phone 7 handsets. Tango will use the Snapdragon processors that are expected to be in some of the Mango handsets to provide high resolution, very fast video. 

Microsoft can’t guarantee that Tango will be included on every handset since various manufacturers are expected to produce Windows Phone 7 handsets.  Nokia, HTC and Samsung are just a few of the manufacturers that will be making handsets using this OS.

Tango works on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad, Android OS phones and tablets, PCs, and Macs. You can use it across all platforms.  It works on 3G and 4G for phones and broadband for computers. You can make voice calls or video calls.

Just like Skype, Tango is free to download and use.  Later this year the company will be releasing a premium app for which it will charge.  Whatever additional features Tango will offer, the company expects customers will want to upgrade.

Tango is hoping that its head start on new Mango handsets (and those that will be upgraded to Mango) will help the company capture the market early.  It was available for Android phones nine months before Skype.

Nokia announced two Windows Phone 7 handsets today.  Engadget got a look at the phones at Nokia World.  The Phones aren’t expected in the US quite yet but they will be in Europe maybe as early as November.  Tango will give the handsets a little extra perk.

Whether Tango will actually prove to be a killer app or not, it does provide a great way for owners of smart phones to talk with each other.  Unlike Black Berry that has a proprietary messaging app, Tango will let Android owners talk with iPhone owners and now with Windows Mango owners. 

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