Voting for the Worldwide Finals Imagine Cup People’s Choice Award has started

June 22, 2011

Voting for the Worldwide Finals Imagine Cup People's  Choice Award has startedWell the Imagine Cup has reached the Worldwide Finals and it’s now time to vote for the People’s Choice Award.  You can watch videos of the different teams and vote on the project that you think is the best.  The winner of the People’s Choice Award receives $10,000.  For the winning team that money can help with project improvements, commercialization, or the biggest pizza party you can imagine.

It was just a month ago that the Worldwide Finalists were announced. Seventy-three countries are represented by 124 student teams.  The website for voting will allow you to chose how you want to view the teams for voting.  You can choose all teams or choose by country.  You can sort them by country/region or by Millennium Development Goal.

You can watch videos or read a short explanation of the team’s project.  For instance, Team Lifemap from Sweden allows donors and charities to connect in an effort to improve the relationship between the two.  Not only have they created a website where donors and charities can connect but they have also built two Windows Phone 7 apps that allow the two entities to interact.

The current number one project is by Team Rapture and is called Third Eye.  The program was written for Windows Phone 7. “Third Eye is a solution consisting of 17 different problem solving features for the vision impaired people such as Routing, Accident Detection, Nearby Places, Games, Music, Email, Phone, SMS, E-book Reader, Paper Book Reader, Weather, Time, News, Facebook, Wikipedia, Bing etc.”  One of the more amazing features is the use of the phone’s camera to read books using OCR software.

Eva Longoria is acting as the celebrity spokesperson.  She recorded a video that can be found here to encourage people to watch team videos and vote.  The People’s Choice award is the only part of the Imagine Cup that anyone in the world can participate in by voting for their favorite project.  You don’t have to have a technical background.  All you need is access to a computer.

By perusing the videos you get to see just what technology can do to improve the world.  There are a variety of projects ranging from environmental cleanup and educational tools to disaster planning and relief coordination.  It shows that the problems that we face today do have innovative solutions and by voting you are encouraging and supporting further problem solving.

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