Microsoft sues Google Android indirectly – a conspiracy to flip support?

March 22, 2011

Microsoft sues Google Android indirectly – a conspiracy to flip support? Google seems to be under attack from various companies that want to file suits against its Android platform. In the latest series of suits filed by Microsoft, the company is once again indirectly targeting the Android platform.

Its becoming increasingly bizarre how various companies are filing suits indirectly against the Android by attacking the manufacturer or licensee of the platform. Currently, the Android is the largest mobile platform in the world.

It appears that everyone wants to attack the Android but doesn’t want to go after Google. As reported by The Seattle Times, Microsoft filed a suit against Barnes & Noble over Nook. The suit basically nitpicked some of the Android based features Nook uses.

Microsoft contends that the Android platform offers Nook, capabilities that violate Microsoft’s patents around creating tabbed control window, displaying images while downloading, and allowing text selection.

A few months back, Microsoft sued Motorola indirectly targeting the Android platform. The suit was over how Motorola phones using the Android platform can display battery power and signal strength notifications. The suit also included basic functionalities such as email synching, calendars and contact information.

Earlier last year Apple sued HTC, which targeted the Android platform indirectly as well. Apple had a laundry list of complaints against HTC, which were all Android features. One of the patent infringement suits was around the use of a touch screen device capable of detecting multi-touch.

It’s interesting that these companies just don’t sue Google for creating these features in the Android library. However, some believe that there may be some ulterior motives for filing these suits.

A few months back Engadget pointed out that it was interesting that Microsoft decided to sue Motorola, which was the only top-tier platform to go “all Android.” Microsoft also sued HTC previously, which ended amicably with the manufacturer committing to supporting Windows Phone 7.

One of Tech Crunch’s readers also pointed out that Microsoft excluded HTC from the recent suit despite being one of the largest manufacturers to use Android.

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