Microsoft Bing hits new market share high

December 17, 2010

Should Microsoft just give up and go home when it comes to search? I mean, an 11.8 percent market share is a victory of sorts, but it’s surely a hollow one when Google is still sitting pretty on 66.2 percent.

Bing has hit an all-time high in terms of search market share. Unfortunately, that high is just 11.8 percent, far, far lower than Google’s 66.2 percent, and lower even than Yahoo’s 16.4 percent. Which once again makes me wonder whether Microsoft ever has a chance of truly competing with Google on this score.

The latest market share figures come from comScore, and show Microsoft having achieved its best search results ever. Bing, which launched last year, hit its previous best of 11.7 percent in March, but the monthly figures since then have deviated considerably. For the month, between October and November, Bing saw a 0.3 percent increase, while both Google and Yahoo saw a 0.1 percent decrease.

Yahoo’s market share is gradually dropping, while Bing’s is rising, and the two should swap places at some point in the future. However, it could take a while, and as Bing is actually powering Yahoo’s searches now, this battle between the second and third search engines is kind of meaningless anyway. Out of interest, the two combined have a market share of 28.2 percent. Which still pales into relative insignificance against Google’s colossal share.

The real war for Bing is taking large chunks out of Google’s market share, and that is a real uphill battle at this stage. It would take something absolutely momentous, a real sea change in people’s searching habits and their choice of tool for that job, for this to happen. Google would have to become truly despised for Bing to flourish as things stand at present.

People may be increasingly having issues with Google and its way of doing things, but it seems the majority still head to the Google homepage to find their way online.

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5 Responses to “Microsoft Bing hits new market share high”

  1. gary:

    i have no idea why bloggers rip microsoft for having an 11% share of search comparing it to google, which has a 66% share.

    now change the context to the pc os market share, where microsoft has a 90% share and apple has a lowly 9% share. you never rip apple for being the lowly competitor, but rip microsoft because it can’t can’t catch google.

    makes no sense to me.

  2. Android:

    You know, I don’t care if they only have 11%. I use it because I like it. AND… this is causing some awesome innovations in search which is very welcome. Until Bing all Google did was index and give. Now we have nice features coming out of search.

  3. ilev:

    11% in the USA, none existing in the world <3%

  4. freedomlover:

    Probably, Gary, because people have much much higher expectations from Microsoft than Apple.

    Keep in mind MS threw hundreds of millions, possibly over a billion dollars into developing and promoting Bing. Unfortunately, with this kind of investment, the return is dismal. There is just nothing to really differentiate Bing from Google.

    Probably another reason few people rip Apple is because despite having a 5% market share, the company is still gushing cash like its going out of style. Glad I got Apple stock…

  5. w. a. c. 3:

    @freedomlover…so you are dismissing the facts. Please provide a solid argument why Microsoft continues to get rip. Remember, Microsoft is enjoying record profits in over a decade. So your “gushing cash” is a moot point!

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