Top 40 best free Windows 7 Games

March 10, 2010

Top 40 best free Windows 7 utilitiesLooking for free Windows 7 game downloads? What better place to start than with the top 40 best free Windows 7 Games?

We’ve gathered up 40 of the best and most fun Windows 7 games to get you started with your time killing. All 40 are free downloads, although there may be things to purchase in game and the such.  And that is part of the best aspect of these programs, a lot of them replace ones you traditionally have to pay for.

What are you waiting for?  Get to downloading!

Board, Card & Casino Games


OwnTheCards: Set up exclusive Texas Hold ‘Em games just for your friends with rules of your choice.

Patience: Over 200 different solitaire and card games, from the common to the very obscure.

Randy Vandermolen Slot Machine: A simple slot machine game if you just can’t get enough of watching wheels spin.

Yap Yamb: A Yahtzee clone that allows you to play up to five other players, but does feature pretty rudimentary graphics.

First Person Shooters

alien arena

Alien Arena: Features 60 levels, nine weapons (with alt-fire modes), six player characters, mutaters, six game play modes, and an in-game server browser and IRC client.

AlienXcape: Built with Direct X 10 support, the game has multiple weapons, ability to save and load games and multiple levels.

PrBoom-Plus: This port of Doom features uncapped framerate, variable gamespeed, re-record, walkcam, chasecam, full mouselook, fov, hi-res and detailed textures.

Kids Games


Leah’s Farm Coloring Book: A simple coloring book app that will allow kids to click and point to color, and then they can print them out to show to others.

My Photos Memory Game: Allows you to make a photo memory game out of your own pictures, so easy way to get kids interested in playing with a game that expands their concentration.

Virtual Bubbles: A simple point-and-click game that allows kids, or adults, the mindless fun of popping bubbles.

Massively Multiplayer RPGs


Crowns of Power: Set in a world filled with magic, you go on quests and engage with the other players to work together.

Planet Calypso: Billed as “open-ended social, economic and political action-adventure”, Planet Calypso puts you in the role of a human colonist on a distant planet in the future.

Valkyrie Sky: Set in the world of Norse mythology, Valkyrie Sky mixes shooting aspects with MMORPG.

Zodiac Online: A very colorful, almost cartoonish looking, MMORPG based on the 12 signs of the Zodiac calendar.

Puzzle Games

sudoku dream

Magic Reversi: Play Reversi on an animated board that offers hints and allows you to play against people on your LAN or across the Internet.

Minefield 6D: Move on from the old Minesweeper to a game of hidden mines that are hidden in a multi-dimensional game board.

My Picture Puzzle: Create a traditional 15 piece slider puzzle with your very own pictures.

Sudoku Dream:  You can play puzzles sized 4X4, 6X6, 9X9, 12X12 and 16X16.  You can save puzzles to come back to later to work on when you have time.

Racing Games

steampunk rally

Driving Speed 2: Race against up to 11 other opponents as you drive your V8-powered car around different tracks and post lap times online.

Go Karts: Race against the computer on Novice, Semi-Pro or Pro settings in a very old school looking racing game.

Steampunk Rally: Race through an alternate past where you can unlock a bike, truck and buggy.

Street Challenge – Extreme Velocity:A 3D drag racing game based in the world of NHRA and IHRA racing that features daily and weekly updates so you are constantly getting new items and challenges so it always stays fresh.

Shooting Games


Air Force Missions: A 3D shooting game in the old style of the classic games.  Fly your helicopter around shooting armored jeeps, submarines, jet fighters and a whole lot more.

Contra 20th Anniversary Edition: Arguably one of th most popular games on the original Nintendo system, Contra has been updated in the past few years to play on your PC with better graphics, sounds, scoring system and more.

Deeper Into Space: If you’ve ever played Asteroids from the 1980’s, or any of its endless clones, then you know this game.

Dragon Ball Arcade: A top-down classic style arcade shooting game that bases itself on the original story of Dragon Ball while Goku was still a child.

Mario Forever Galaxy: A fan made game based on the Mario franchise, and even features a cameo by Samus from Metroid.  Defend the galaxy from Bowser by shooting your way through his legions of troops.

Nemesis Online: Based on games such as Nemesis, Gradius, Salamander and Parodius from the 1980’s this is a side & top scrolling shooting game.

Planet Attacker: A simple 3D flight shooting game that has a retro feeling while also looking futuristic.  There is also a USAF setting that allows you to use real world looking graphics.

Shootiah: Set in the not-so-distant future, Shootiah is a game that uses both mouse and keyboard controls to take you through a shooting game where you need to defend your country.

Sports Games


F1 Racing: Pick up bonuses and life as you race around the tracks in this top-down formula 1 racing game.

Grey Olltwit’s Bowling Game: A bowling game that allows you to play against the computer or another human and exert control over speed, power, spin of the ball and more.

Pool Rebel: Allows you to play various pool games such as 8-ball (BCA Rules), 8-ball UK (World Eight Ball Pool Playing Rules), 9-ball (BCA Rules), 14.1 Continuous (BCA Rules) and One Pocket (BCA Rules).

The Hunter: Part hunting game and part social network, The Hunter is exactly as it sounds.  You go out hunting various forms of wildlife and what you are allowed to hunt is based on your type of license.

Strategy Games


Army of Earth: Allowing hundreds of players or six teams to engage in unit combat.  Include built-in matchmaking and leaderboards.

BattleTanks II: BattleTanks II is a strategy game with tanks (in case the name didn’t give it away) where you can either play a quick game or a select an extended game with numerous options.

Navy Field: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet: Not only do you pick your ship styles and fleet placement, but you also pick how your sailors are stationed on each ship so that you can deploy them to certain tasks faster.

Solar Wars: Set in a far away solar system with up to 30 planets, you build your fleet in this turn based strategy game and then try to conquer the worlds.

Starport: Galactic Empires: Explore star systems, establish colonies, hunt for treasures and more, as well as have quick team-based games in the Blitzkrieg mode.

Warzone Tower Defense: Your standard tower defense game, but using advanced weaponry in wide open maps.

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