Microsoft solves Windows 7 “62%” bug but endless reboot problem still an issue

October 30, 2009

Microsoft solves Windows 7 "62%" bug but endless reboot problem still an issueMicrosoft has found a solution to a problem which caused some Windows 7 upgrades to freeze up before completion. But the firm has yet to solve a separate problem where machines are caught in a reboot cycle.

The first problem involves the upgrade process locking up when the progress bar displays 62 percent completion. Microsoft has now isolated the problem to a Windows component named Iphlpsvc suddenly stopping responding at that point in the process, though it hasn’t revealed what’s causing this or why only certain machines are affected.

Microsoft has issued a workaround, but warns that users should only apply it if the freezing occurs at the 62 percent mark. They should also check a relevant logfile, which can be done while the upgrade is frozen by pressing Shift and F10 to open a command box and then typing C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setupact.log and enter.

If the resulting string of text ends in “Progress appears to be stuck. Current progress: 62”, the user can go ahead with the solution, which is detailed at

Unfortunately Microsoft has yet to solve a separate problem in which the system enters an endless reboot cycle, leaving Windows 7 not completely installed, but the user unable to get back into their previous operating system. The firm wrote earlier today, “For those who have attempted to perform an upgrade to Windows 7 and encounter a reboot loop, Microsoft is aware of this issue and is currently being investigated.”

At first it appeared the problem was specific to users who’d downloaded Windows 7 through a special student discount offer. However, there have been subsequent reports of the same problem affecting users with an upgrade disc. There was also a theory the problem was caused by users mistakenly using the 64-bit upgrade on a machine with a 32-bit edition of Vista, though that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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