Steve Ballmer: Vista selling "incredibly well"

May 26, 2008

Steve Ballmer: Vista selling Love or hate Windows Vista, it is selling on almost every new PC sold be it a desktop or laptop.  Of course, that’s easy for Microsoft since it has right around 90% of the computer operating system market and users essentially have no choice but to buy a PC with Vista.

According to PC Authority, Ballmer said in a press conference,

"Vista sells on almost 100 per cent of all the new consumer PCs around the world and on "45 percent of all of new business PCs."

Of course, Microsoft is known for skewing figures just a little.  Just because a Vista license is sold with a system doesn’t mean the computer actually has Vista installed.  If you’ll remember, some manufacturers are still selling Windows XP downgrades with Vista machines so it actually has Windows XP installed.  The company still counts it as a "sale" of Windows Vista.

Response to Windows Vista should still be considered marginal at best and some users just think it’s equal to or worse than Windows ME but that might be changing.

Ballmer continued,

"Application compatibility in Vista was not as high as many of our customers would have liked, that is improving, not because we’ve changed Vista, but because the applications are getting upgraded to be Vista compatible."

Overall, most users care more about compatibility and less about security.  But, let’s not forget that it’s taking users longer to get used to Vista than it took for Windows XP.  Fret not, in two years or less, Windows 7 might be here and Windows Vista will be swept under the rug like the unwanted child it really is (to users anyway).

If you’re running Vista, I have found it’s best to stick with the 32-bit version because some of my favorite (fairly recent) applications simply do not run in the 64-bit environment.  After trying out the 64-bit version for a bit, I’ve gone back to the 32-bit version.

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