Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Vista is “a work in progress”

April 17, 2008

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Vista is "a work in progress"With all the problems regarding Vista, Microsoft is trying to think its way out of the worst marketing debacle since Windows ME and it may well have found it.  Speaking at a conference in Seattle, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called Windows Vista "a work in progress."

Vista had its first service pack released but one of its updates caused on infinite reboot cycle on some systems which was later fixed.  A later update to non-SP1 Vista and Vista SP1 system caused USB device driver problems.  Clearly, there are still issues with the operating system.

According to PCWorld, Ballmer said,

"It’s a very important piece of work. We did a lot of things right and have a lot of things we need to learn from. You never want to let five years go between releases."

Unless you need a new computer there is no compelling reason to upgrade you current PC to Vista nor is there one to buy a new computer with Vista especially if the one you have is a relatively new XP system.

Now, if you do need a new computer, it will probably come with Vista unless you consider a Mac or a Linux based computer.  And if you do wind up with Vista, chances are you will not have compatibility issues with anything that came with or is installed in or on the system.  Anything you add to it, well, that’s taking your life into your own hands.

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11 Responses to “Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: Vista is “a work in progress””

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  2. Norm Renshaw:

    I’ve given up on Vista. It gives me an error when I try to install SP1. Ubuntu, on the other hand, works well and didn’t have a $400 price tag.

  3. ralph:

    I like that title …a “work in progress”. It works real well, take a gander at the Vista forums. Not everyone in the Vista forums are happy with the “fine offering” from the Castle of Redmond. People at the Vista forums are doing dual boot with Linux, installing XP over Vista, asking about downgrading.

    Seriously, Ballmer must vie for one of the greatest marketers of all time. A “work in progress” means “we f—ed up but let the public be damned.

    I mean how much lipstick is needed to put on the Pig (Vista) need to stimulate sales? They already cut the price of Vista, released SP1 with the USB error (oops), Corporate IT is holding on to XP until Loser-7 is released, Mac sales are up dramatically, Linux is not only gaining in popularity but even die hard Windows users are started to be interested in Linux now. Why the interest?

    Linux is free, the compiz-fusion looks much better than aero, no expensive hard ware upgrades needed. They can run Live CD or Dual boot. They can install Linux on as many computers as they want, Linux runs much, much faster than Vista. And with Wine 1.0 being released in June and Ubuntu 8.04 in just a few days.

    I tried Mac, I can see why people would bail out of Vista and buy a Mac if they needed a new computer. Tiger runs great and it will run fine at about 512 MB RAM much like XP does. Haven’t tried Leopard yet.

    Ballmer if you are listening (I know your shills read these blogs). Take that lean and mean distribution called Windows For Legacy PC (the lean and mean version of XP) that can run fine on 128 MB RAM and takes up only 1 gig of hard drive space and needs about 300 MHz speed.

    Re-brand Windows FLP as “Windows Classic”, release it now as a ISO download, sell it for $49. And you can take full credit for it. No need to market it, word of mouth alone will make it a stellar seller!

    You want to prove to the world that you really are a marketing genius? Release Windows FLP as Windows Classic to the general public and to OEMs.

    That would really “work in progress”.

  4. Pissed off Vista User:

    I just want to know? How much is apple and linux companies paying you Schlaffer? Must be allot of money, because even you know that much of what you say is half truths and lies. If you don’t realize that, then I guess you’re not only on there pay roll, you’ve also been brainwashed by them.

  5. Computer Consultants Secrets Blog:

    I would imagine it would be difficult for Microsoft to admit it made a mistake by releasing Vista before it was technically ready. I’m sure with so much pressure to compete (particularly after not releasing an operating system for 5 years) it was pretty tempting just to go with the best they had at the time instead of giving it time to develop further. However, I don’t think we’re probably going to get a full admission of a “mistake” any time soon. What we’re getting is pretty close though; an acknowledgment of the inherent problems, a vague apology and an attempt to make it better (and hopefully its upcoming release will greatly surpass Vista). I think definitely Microsoft has been doing a lot to respond to customer concerns, even if just by continuing to develop other aspects of its business like its partner programs (which have been made worlds more accessible to small business computer consultants and all other kinds of IT professionals and their customers).

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  7. 4th guy:

    A work in progress? Did Microsoft sell a public beta or something?

  8. Jonathan Schlaffer:

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it did.

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