Vista requires more memory than super computer version of Windows

November 25, 2007

Vista requires more memory than super computer version of Windows It’s been said that you need a “super computer” to run Vista and now that some new information has come to light, that may not be too far from the truth.

As it turns out, “Windows for Supercomputers” aka Windows HPC (High Performance Computer) Server 2008 requires less memory to run than Vista does.  Granted, super computers are usually not general computing platforms but are designed to do one specific task and be fast at it.  That may not be much of an excuse for the issue at hand but it needed to be pointed out.

All versions of Vista require a minimum of 1GB of memory except for the Home Basic version which can run on as little as 512MB, but won’t necessarily be fast on said amount of memory.

Windows HPC server 2008 can run on 512MB of memory but it is designed for cluster computing and Vista is designed for Home and Office use but still requires 1GB of memory but runs best on 1.5GB to 3GB (32-bit versions) or 4GB and beyond (64-bit versions).

However, Microsoft noted that Windows HPC server runs best with more memory, just like Vista does and unlike Vista, HPC server supports up to 64GB of memory and more processors.

A spokesperson for the company explained to PC World, “The minimum hardware requirements for Windows HPC Server 2008 are similar to the hardware requirements for the x64-based version of the Windows Server 2008 Standard operating system.”

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