IT Pros face more barriers going to Mac OS X or Linux than in Vista

November 20, 2007

IT Pros face more barriers going to Mac, Linux than in VistaWhile Microsoft Vista worries lead some IT pros to consider Mac OS X and Linux as alternatives, they will be facing a different kind of technology barrier should they decide to adopt Mac OS X and Linux instead of Vista.

In today’s business operations, most companies have adopted complex technologies to deliver their unique products and services. Their operations often require heterogeneous systems management, which could serve a barrier to going with an operating system other than Microsoft.

In a survey conducted by King Research, and commissioned by systems management vendor Kace, of 961 IT professionals, “almost half of all participants (45%) cited challenges with system management in non-Windows operating systems as preventing them from adopting” alternatives, Network World writes.

Sixty percent of the survey respondents disclosed that they manage their Windows systems with tools not compatible with a non-Windows environment.

Among the challenges cited were the need to learn to use different sets of management tools (50%) and the need to manage multiple and totally different operating systems (49%).

While IT professionals have some issues and concerns in adopting Vista, history speaks that Microsoft has been able to address these technical issues in its service pack releases.

Vista’s SP1 is just around the corner. In fact Microsoft has released Windows Vista SP1 RC Preview to 15,000 testers last week. This is the final step in testing before it will be released for commercial use.

Ultimately, the choices boil down to preparing, waiting and adopting Vista SP1, or stepping up to the challenge of migrating into an alternative operating system environment.

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