Dutch Consumers’ Union asks for free copies of XP for Vista victims

October 12, 2007

untitled-1.jpgIn a recent meeting between the Dutch Consumers’ Union (Consumentenbond) and Microsoft Netherlands, the consumer organization asked for free copies of Windows XP for members who were having problems with Vista. Microsoft, of course, refused.

The refusal has led Consumentenbond to call on consumers to explicitly ask for Windows XP when purchasing a new computer and for shops to provide free Windows XP packages to those dissatisfied with Vista.

The meeting was initiated by the union after it did a five weeks investigation, where it received some 5,000 consumer complaints about Windows Vista. Most of the complaints revolved around application and peripheral hardware compatibility issues.

The product has many teething problems, it is just not ready, a spokesperson for the consumer organization told Expatica. Printers and other hardware reportedly failed in combination with Vista, computers crash regularly and the peripherals are very slow.

Earlier, Microsoft offered a “downgrade” option to consumers that get machines with Windows Vista but want to switch to XP. But the offering applies only to Windows Vista Business and Ultimate versions, so it doesn’t do much for most consumers.

It seems that by giving selective and by providing limited downgrade options to XP, Microsoft is not giving equal treatment to its consumers. Maybe, it’s time for Microsoft to start being more sympathetic.

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30 Responses to “Dutch Consumers’ Union asks for free copies of XP for Vista victims”

  1. i hate Dutch:

    “Most of the complaints revolved around application and peripheral hardware compatibility issues”

    How is this Microsoft fault…idiot Dutch…why does they complain to there peripheral manufacturer.

  2. stopitman:

    What’s your problem? Are you really dumb enough to hate Dutch people because Vista has horrible driver support, especially considering that it so long to get out? Microsoft should’ve made sure that there were drivers coming out from the manufacturers so that it would work well out of the box. Vista doesn’t have much new stuff anyways, except a shiny GUI that eats up CPU. I have used Vista by the way, I started using it during the betas and came back to XP & Ubuntu (which by the way, has a much nicer GUI for free).

  3. Zaki Jaaskelainen:

    “idiot Dutch”?

    If I buy a computer and it comes preloaded with Vista and this turns out to cause a lot of grief, if I don’t get XP as an option then Linux will be my free upgrade!

  4. MS sux:

    Microsoft software just plain sucks, it always has.

    Just review the history of Microsoft, they said they had a OS for IBM and really didn’t. They had to buy Quick and Dirty Operating System for $50G after the deal with IBM.

    So M$ has all been about making shady deals, never bringing quality and innovation to the marketplace. It shows in their products, security and corporate additude. They don’t have to produce a solid, reliable and safe product, and for the spooks of the world a easy way to gleam information.

    Windows is a ripoff of OS 9, Vista is a ripoff of Mac OS X that has been out for many years before. Widgets/Gadgets Trash/WaseBasket Desktop/Wallpaper and so on.

    Vista is a hurried response to Mac OS X as not to make Windows look old and dated. M$ is afraid Apple would release Mac OS X for all hardware, not just Apple’s.

    Vista bloat and hardware incompatabilites are designed to increase new hardware sales, the problem being of course is processors can’t go any faster without tremendous heat requiring big cooling which is impractical.

    So Vista was made to generate sales of hardware that can’t exist yet. Running processor hobbling anti-malware on top of that makes it even slower.

    Ever wonder why Mac users only get one or two viruses in a lifetime, never run anti-malware and Windows users get one every two minutes? It just can’t be market share alone as there are tens of millions of Mac users online and make a juicy target.

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  6. Yonah:

    In my 30 years of using computers, the number 1 problem has always been the user. I’ve used Windows since 3.1 on various different machines. I have had minor hardware issues from time to time, but these do get fixed with updated drivers.

    The Dutch ARE being stupid, but they should not be singled out. People all over the world are reacting the wrong way, and blaming the wrong parties for either their own ignorance regarding computers, or find it more fashionable to blame Microsoft instead of a 3rd rate hardware company that has poor driver support.

  7. MacFanbois Sux:

    To “MS Sux”…

    Your fanboism is showing. Apple has been busted for ripping off Xerox (as well as MS), the new iTunes library view is *identical* to the Windows Media Player 11, which came out first. Apple has also had severe issues with bundling… Someone makes a nice killer app for any use in MacOS? It eventually gets bundled into the OS itself. Instead of allowing third party application support to prosper and people to develop really good applications… Apple seems content with duplicating the most popular apps with their own versions and bundling it into MacOSX.

    Vista *IS* a Dog… but MacOSX isn’t much better. After all, their updates effectively are going to cut off PowerPC support… Their THIRD architecture planned obsolesence. Meanwhile, I can install Windows XP on a Pentium 2/400Mhz system and it runs just fine.

    Another thing to consider: People call it the Microsoft tax. You CAN buy computers without Windows on it, you can build your own and not worry about OS bundles, too. Can’t buy an Apple Computer (even if now they’re only one chip away from being a PC Clone at this point) without paying a MacOS tax somehow. Can’t install MacOS on a computer that isn’t allowed by Apple (and like I mentioned, even some of their own, still well performing for most tasks, models are no longer “allowed” anymore)

    Can’t buy a computer that runs MacOS without buying the OS? Sounds exactly what Microsoft got busted for in the anti-trust lawsuits. Forced bundling. Oh, my.

    Apple is everything Microsoft wishes they were, only with a smaller slice of the market share pie. Doesn’t make it any less evil.

  8. Linus:

    People who dislike Quake 4 should be given a free copy of Quake 3.

  9. Boris:

    Why don’t you people geta life? When Apple came out with G3, none of my peripherals or software worked. The solution was to get rid of everything I owned & buy a whole bunch of new stuff! In fact, I just started my life over again & I have been none the worse for it. Ok, so I needed a new job, if fact I even had to move because the G3 wouldnot work in my old house, but considering the quality computing you get from apple it was truly worth it!

  10. someguy:

    Face it all of you Mac OSx sucks because no one goddamn used it (in the business world I am well aware that there are millions of home users) But some things with Vista are just terrible. I started trying out Vista since the first Beta and I thought it had some problems but I figured it would get worked out. But Vista came out and was at best lacking with driver support. I have D865PERL Mobo. Its a 475 socket, yeah its old so I figured then wouldn’t M$ put in all its older drivers from XP into Vista would that make some sense? I figured it would but To this day the sound drivers Vista gives you (which are the only ones you can find since Intel will not release a new driver) the sound randomly cuts off. OH and what about that running an MP3 uses Network Resources bit? How that happened i’ll never know. I’ll stick with Linux and XP because at least both of those work right…. well if I don’t mess something up in Linux it works right


  11. MacFanbois Suck:

    So it’s only value when it’s an unnecessary cost? (Yes, Boris, I understand your post was probably satire, but you DID raise a valid point with regards to Mac computers in general)

    I like being able to still use the studio quality sound card I bought 9 years ago in a system I built one year ago.

    But hey, if people are used to the consume and dispose routine of owning an Apple computer… have at it. Apple might have had a point in saying their systems were (Think) “Different” when they actually did have different architectures and interfaces on their machines… but now that they’re pretty much your next generic clone in a fancy packaging… there’s no excuse for their premium, or attitudes.

    The only thing that sets Apple apart from Dell, Hewlett Packard or any (insert name here) PC company is marketing. Even the OS isn’t unique anymore. It’s all BSD deep down inside. And it bundles every possible thing that it can… the exact same thing Microsoft got in trouble for with Windows… (Bundling Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, etc)

    Whatever happened to the superiority of MacOS and Apple hardware if they ended up scrapping *EVERY PROPRIETARY STANDARD* they ever developed in favor of… oh… standards (PCI, USB, 108 Key layouts, two button mice) and architectures (x86) that have always been used on IBM Clone PC’s?

    There isn’t anything special about them anymore except for a couple of “cool” apps. Akin to buying an XBox 360 ONLY to play Halo.

    It isn’t an “experience”, it isn’t a friggin “movement”, it’s another IBM PC x86 Clone.

    Yet people still buy into their marketing crap. How sad.

  12. Ole Juul:

    People who have problems with Vista shoud be given a free copy of Ubuntu… oh wait…

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  15. Boohoo!!1:

    Why does this kind of thing always result in a Windows vs Mac vs Linux pissing contest?

    Business users not happy with Vista get the option to replace it with XP, consumers want the same option… what’s the big deal about that???

    It’s not like you get two things for free, most consumers got their Vista on a pre-installed system and no actual Vista cd’s come with those these days, only a repair disk.

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  17. rex_imperator:

    I have just purchased a Sony TZ laptop which came, against my better will and judgement with Vista Business. It crashed continually and all attempts to either make it work or to downgrade to XP (using original XP discs) failed despite a very helpful Sony Service call centre. The retailer has accepted it for refund and I am now buying – guess what – an XP spec machine. I have lost three days income from the time it took to mess about, as well as the costs of the calls to the Sony centre.

  18. Philip Rowley:

    It is simple, I need a product that works. For me and many others Vista obviously does not. I bought an Acer laptop with Vista pre installed. Since the purchase I have spent far too much time updating, rebooting, closing apps and waiting to do some work. After 2 months of messing about, I now only use my earlier Acer laptop with much less than half the cpu speed and XP. It runs much faster, and I am not taking years off my life feeling stressed for Vista to get around to finishing processing.
    I would like to convert it to XP for free as we just have an expensive paper weight that is not being used.
    Most NORMAL people bought it to do a job, it incapable of doing the job. MANY MANY people view this as a fact, and if it is good enough for HP, COMPAQ and DEL to go back to XP, it is good enough for me. I do not like people telling me it is good when for the masses it obviously is not.

  19. Sukaeto:

    @Yonah: This is a fundamental flaw in the Software Development industry today. “The problem isn’t with my software, it’s with the end users.” I’m sorry to say, but if THAT many end users are complaining about your software, I don’t think it’s fair to blame them – you should be looking for ways to improve your product.

    @MacFanbois Suck: Couldn’t have said that better myself.

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  21. Byron Dowell:

    Philip Rowley:

    I’m sorry to hear of your Vista problems. I’ve been using Vista since Beta 1, and the for the most part, the issues I’ve seen with Vista are driver related. I wish you had someone like me nearby. I’ve gotten about six people setup on Vista who were having simple problems like not having updated drivers for the most part, in one instance I shut down some services like Superfetch and Readyboost, and after that, NO ONE had a problem.

    Driver support in Vista has been by far its biggest issue up till now. Now it’s very good. Still not at XP’s level but it took XP five years to get there.

    I’ve got an Acer Q6600 system I bought two months ago, wiped it, put Vista Ultimate on it, and it’s by FAR the most stable Swiss Army knife machine I’ve ever put together. I use a mix of software, both commercial and FOSS. I play a lot of first-person-shooters, record high-def TV, develop apps, simple digital video/audio production, office productivity, and it just all works. Quickly and reliably.

    Since I’m a gamer, I update my video and audio drivers about 2 a month. There have been about a half-dozen critical updates out of the normal Windows update monthly cycle that were recommended by nVidia and I applied those. So all in all, about 1 hour of actual labor doing driver updates over the last 2 months to keep everything smooth.

    Vista is solid, runs great, especially on new hardware; on good hardware it spanks XP in terms of overall responsiveness because of things like Superfetch. But not everyone is getting to work like me and I do recognize that. Just like not everyone can get a Linux distro to work as well as others. That’s just computers. So you and anyone who’s having problems with Vista should be able to downgrade to XP if that what it takes.

  22. vla:

    Lately I’m amazed at how MS gets blastet for everybody’s else faults…

    “Printers and other hardware reportedly failed in combination with Vista, computers crash regularly and the peripherals are very slow.”

    Well. MS is not supposed to write the drivers – HW manufactureres are. And those who did work fine – Lenovo for example.

    Crash. Crash? Why the hell I havent seen vista crash? How could MS be responsible for people using defective hardware or crappy drivers?

    Slow… yeah, some games are slower. Everything else – faster. Thet’s on core-duo and quad core machines. If Vista, year 2007, does not work fast on machine manufactured in 2001… well – is it strange? What do people expect exactly? Bill to come and explain personally that in volksvagen beatle you cannot outrun porche even with the newest fuel?

    Sorry, MS has it’s faults, but Vista is not one of them.

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  24. Frank:

    The problem is that drivers are essential to the OS and all this drivers mess is due to DRM.

    The sluginess of the OS is also due to DRM. Vista turn even a duocore into a slow spoke. I downgraded quikly down from Vista once I saw the mess.

    This is really Microsoft fault to put DRM into Vista that criple the OS.

  25. Ackondro:

    The problem is that Vista is new and there is going to be problems with drivers etc. There should not be this many problems though…
    I have run Macs then Windows and now FreeBSD computers, and I have to say that Macs are nice and easy. Windows make me swear, and FreeBSD is great after you get over the learning curve.
    my laptop runs XP MCE, yet I could have Home Premium. I will never upgrade my laptop to Vista, never, the next OS change will be to dual booting FreeBSD with the current OS b/c i need Premiere otherwise it would just be FreeBSD.
    Fuss all you want, Microsoft will never hear you, they are counting their money in their fancy buildings just like Apple, yes Apple I said it, isn’t so much the company it was before.
    The best advice I can give is to invest time into Linux, PC-BSD, or other open-source OS’s, they aren’t out to take your money.

  26. Philip Rowley:

    Hi Byron Dowell (Resp to his post on 15th Oct for mine on the 13th Oct):

    To be fair, I am not having driver problems, that I wasn’t prepared to go without till available. I have 5 computers and probably had around 30 PC’s over the 15 years I have been a computer programmer, of which I still am.

    My point is if I as a customer get fed up of XP, it is criminal for any without my technical, let alone your in depth knowledge of Vista to be presented with such poor performance or failure.

    Core is, MS OS systems are only good when they near maturity, but then they are supposedly superceded.

    Ok, I am honestly impressed you can sort you friends out, but your not hear to sort my friends, collegues and employers out who have had their fingers burn’t. Let alone the incredibly big players in the market retro installing XP. We are taking billions of pounds here, wasted.

    What is worse, why should individuals need to go to someone of your talents and use your goodwill, especially as I suspect you do not work for Microsoft.

    It is just all a bit of a sad mess, I am not thinking of Microsoft, I am thinking of their customers just like me.

    Anyway enough grumbling, as I am NOT entitled to a free XP downgrade/upgrade (Thanks Microsoft, little people really don’t matter do they, but hey that’s big business, kind of reminds of ford motor car recalls.)

    I am now installing XP Pro, it seems after all I will be able to get higher performance from twice as many processors.


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