New Microsoft Vista logo coming

May 29, 2007

New Microsoft Vista logo comingMicrosoft and some PC vendors have been taken to court over the Vista labeling system, which was said to deceive consumers by letting PC makers promote computers as “Windows Vista Capable” despite the fact that the machines were not capable of running the “signature” features of Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system.

To provide enough differentiation Microsoft will be updating its Vista logo label system in 2008.

Starting from June, 2008, Microsoft reportedly plans to require DirectX 10-compatible graphics adapter inside systems with “Windows Vista Premium” logo. This decision will likely do enough to differentiate between what a Vista capable system and what a Vista Premium capable system is.

The decision is seen to increase popularity of games designed solely for DirectX 10 and Windows Vista OS. And such, may catalyze game developers to pay more attention to DX10-compatible titles, which will ultimately make games more visually appealing. Likewise, boost popularity of Vista among gamers.

Currently most gamers tend not to upgrade their computers, but rather migrate to game consoles, such as Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii. Others even start to use competing Apple Macintosh platforms or Linux, where games designed for Windows are available via emulation.

It seems the upcoming label will somehow reduce confusion.

Microsoft did not comment on the news story.

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