Intel confirms Vista SP1 release date for Microsoft

April 21, 2007

Intel confirms Vista SP1 release date for Microsoft Microsoft has been fairly, okay, completely silent about pinning a firm release date for Vista SP1. As my friend Ruben said, many analysts are placing the release date close to the end of the year around the October/November time frame or whenever Longhorn server ships. Intel CEO Paul Otellini did not have a problem naming a rough time frame during a conference call on Tuesday. ComputerWorld has the details of what transpired.

Even Intel says that Vista adoption has been slow among everyone, consumers and businesses alike. Otellini said that Vista SP1 deployment should be on schedule for the October/November time frame, which would be the fourth quarter for those of you in the business.

Everyone knows that Microsoft is working on Vista SP1 but have been deadly silent about any details regarding what patches it is going to include, what problems it is going to fix and what it is going to upgrade. Spokespersons for Microsoft almost have conniption fits if they are asked about a release date and yet, reporters went on to see if Intel’s slip could get Microsoft to lighten up.

“It’s too early to provide any firm date range for SP1’s delivery, we will continue to take customer feedback from programs like the Technology Adoption Program (TAP), and will ultimately determine an official delivery date as the service pack is nearer to completion,” Said a spokeswoman for Microsoft in an email. When asked to confirm Otellini’s statement there was dead silence probably because they don’t want to confirm or deny what another company believes (or knows).

Analysts say that Microsoft should be more open about providing more information in the Roadmap to Vista SP1, calling the one it has on the website “an embarrassment” and release dates with additional information about the Service Pack should be made available. This is because many may be waiting for Vista SP1 in order to upgrade.

I could understand that but it’s not like Microsoft is going to charge you for the Service Pack so regardless of if you get Vista with or without SP1 you will still be able to get the Service Pack. Buy Vista now and work out any problems and get ready for all new ones when SP1 comes out (that’s a little joke… I hope).

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