One Click Activation Crack for Vista

March 14, 2007

One Click Activation Crack for Vista Many have criticized the “big brother” overtones present in Vista. From its DRM scheme to the activation system it was all complained about before the retail release. It was also said that it would only be a matter of time before Microsoft’s activation system was cracked and came crashing down, that day is at hand.

There is now a “one click” crack for Vista. The “Vista BIOS Emulation” crack emulates the BIOS of a PC from HP, Lenovo or Dell, that Microsoft has allowed to install OEM copies of Vista. The crack only functions with 32-bit Editions of Vista.

The crack is said to work best on a clean install of Vista rather than an upgrade version. More information about the crack can be found here.

What’s not clear is whether the crack gets around Window Genuine Advantage (WGA). What WGA tries to do is identify if your computer is running a genuine copy of Windows Vista (it does a check online before you start the update). So if you’ve got a cracked version of Windows, when it comes to needing to install an update (say to fix a security problem), you may not be able to do so.

If you’re tempted to install a cracked version of Vista on a PC, our advice is don’t do it. You probably won’t be able to get updates, and who knows what other problems a cracked operating system might introduce to your system.

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70 Responses to “One Click Activation Crack for Vista”

  1. LYC37T:

    PARADOX 2007 CRACK WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Jonathan Schlaffer:

    Well, I suppose that’s some kind of confirmation. As said in the article our recommendation is to NOT use the crack due to the problems it may cause on your system and for the fact that it’s also very illegal.

  3. LYC37T:

    I would still advise to buy a legit copy even though i have tested this crack on various pc’s for testing only but it does by pass all activation rules as set down by the Vista operating system

    LYC37T :-))

  4. LYC37T:


  5. » Blog Archive » Use Vista Indefinitely without a Serial Key or Crack:

    [...] Here we are again, another way to use Vista without activating it or actually having a serial key.  We’ve talked about a certain Vista crack in the past which is very illegal and not particularly sanctioned for use.  However, this is actually used by Microsoft itself to bypass its own activation system. [...]

  6. » Blog Archive » Microsoft Versus the Experts on Vista Activation Workaround:

    [...] It’s becoming a he said, she said game with Microsoft. We have talked about both a One Click Activation Crack and theVista Workaround which would enable to use Vista without ever purchasing a license key.  The independent experts are saying that it does work; Microsoft is saying that it doesn’t work. More specifically they are saying it doesn’t bypass the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) system which is present in both XP and Vista to prevent this very thing. [...]

  7. LYC37T:

    Just to confirm the Paradox 2007 crack does work and it does by pass the windows genuine activation – again i still would advise a legit copy as it wont be long before Microsoft introduce another security measure to counter act this

    LYC37T :-)

  8. Jonathan Schlaffer:

    There will always be those looking on how to bypass activation systems and pirate software. There will always be updates for the security holes and then the pirates will look for the holes again. It is a never ending cycle but let’s all do our part to remain legit and legally purchase the software we use (or find freeware alternatives if you can’t afford them).

  9. rw:

    You know what they say, any lock can be picked.

    It is true that the emulation trick does work if you are savvy enough to set it up properly.

    Has no problems with WGA or Windows Update Either.

    I don’t recommend running it permanently, however if you are wanting to try Vista on a testbed to see how well it does, you may want to think about it.

    The crack is not for the average user, and by no means should be used for a permanent installation.

    That is what the licenses are for. After all, the most important thing in your PC is your OS! Why would you risk that for something that you may not want running in the background… In other words, buy a valid copy if you want Vista permanently.

  10. Jonathan Schlaffer:

    I believe that has been reiterated several times but it can’t be stressed nearly enough.

  11. yarg!!:

    well microsoft prove me once that spend money on then is not worthy, as reinstaling my XP home edition( original and bought for £88) the key didnt work because “was use too many times”…. after that…. f”’ them, i use since then nice copies,… usually you need to wait 6 month after realease to get a really solid copy, but is not too bad wait a bit for free loots.

  12. kiki:


  13. zooom:

    nice crack

  14. CoolZero:

    We live in a country that doesnt even have one legitimate copy of windows.. wake up…
    All my software are cracked.. including my Windows XP OS…
    it works well and is stable … Running it for years..DAAAAAAAA

  15. ruffy:

    hahahaha. buy a copy of windows? you guys are funny.

    you’d probably have to pay ME to use a version of vista. of course, i’m going to illegally install this out of sheer spite.

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  17. fabio (

    hi,I am of Brazil, and I need some cracker to validate mine windows ultimate, if they alguem will have, please, order it to me, thanks a lot,

  18. Badtux:

    Just got off the phone with Microsoft re-activating my (legal) copy of Windows XP on the one and only computer that it has ever been installed on after a re-install after upgrading the hard drive led to XP deciding that it wasn’t legal. Hint: Bypass their stupid robot, hit the buttons to talk to a human (I believe it’s 0).

    All this activation BS does is inconvenience legit users like myself who buy Windows for work purposes. As the plethora of cracks shows, the script kiddies who just want to play games and don’t care about any trojans or viruses installed by the cracks will just install the crack, as will the illegal computer shops in the 3rd world where nobody can afford Microsoft’s exhorbitant prices (but they’re slowly switching to Linux, especially with Ubuntu making huge evangelization efforts there). Activation isn’t stopping piracy. It’s just inconveniencing legit users like me.

    - Badtux the Peeved Linux Penguin

  19. samy:

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  23. somebody:

    i originally had windows basic (vista) for my first laptop but there were many many many problems with it lol. so of course, i took it back :P( and after argueing about a lemon… for who would release a program that wouldn’t run) i got a better laptop with vista homes basics. and guess what o.0? IT HAS MORE PROBLEMS. i believe there should be one big recall on vista and then microsoft can make a proper release when the software can run bug free. when your paying $1500 for a laptop, I AM NOT A TEST USER.

    i want something that works.
    the view of me and those i know. vista = good but… BIG BUT…. it was released to early and has enough flaws that i wouldn’t consider it for practicle usage.

    the crack probably works better then the legal version.

  24. LYC37T:

    Black screen of death – reduced mode – This will be probably cracked just as quick as the Windows activation process

  25. Deepak S:

    I need windows vista crack. Only 18 days left.. ro tel me how to crack.

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  28. chranic:

    Help!! My files are being held hostage by Bill Gates after my trial period of vista expired. Can someone point me to the swat team? Email me at if you do not want to post the link.

  29. Loken:

    Fuck I need 64x Vista crack!!!

  30. Dharme:

    i need wga crack pls send me

  31. Freez:

    Same here. Trying to find the “cure” for Vista but for now as chranic said, my files are also held hostage by evil evil Microsoft after my trial period of vista expired. Is there any way that you can “cure” vista after expiration period?

  32. Andy0:

    Wow the shear stupidity of the people here.

    Here are some lessons to finding a free copy of vista.
    1) Google is your friend, so try using it more to find what your looking for. Some words you might search would include: hack, crack, activation, one click activation
    2) Get on a p2p network, again use google as your friend to help find your way. The more you read the better
    3) Don’t post your stupid fucking email in public, It’s so dam tempting to spam you!

    Notes to some people:
    Freez: Install Ubuntu on a separate partition or hard drive, then copy your files that you want to keep to something like a flash drive.

    Dharme: If you’ve cracked Vista, you need not to worry about wga

    Loken: There is a x64 crack out there, search Google dam it

    chranic: see Freez

    shanmugasundaram: If you can’t find Vista after 5 days of through searching and learning from Google and still don’t find it, your not computer illerate enough to deserve free Vista

    somebody: Hell ya, the crack works with less hastle then the legit way. PS it is easier for me to get Office 2007 & Vista then it was for me to get XP and Office 2003

    suresh: your a retard

    fabio ( I should spam you

    LYC37TZ: So true, but now there is a one click version for brain dead people

  33. Tharun:

    no use of it for expired trial period.

  34. Microsoft Tech.:

    this is illegal. you are downloading fake copyrighted software and will be punished 5 years in jail and half million dollars when caught. immediate take down necessary so you all will stay safe. thank you

  35. Microsoft Tech.:

    this is illegal. you are downloading fake copyrighted software and will be punished 5 years in jail and half million dollars when caught. immediate take down necessary so you all will stay safe. thank you for your cooperation

  36. Polsa:

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  45. Stan:

    Jackass, turn off your antivirus before user the crack… every crack is virus or a trojan… ¬¬”

  46. random person:

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  47. give me a crack:

    vista is good, but then again why pay for it? to encourage Microsoft!? lol…. my only problem with ilegal vista is that i cant find crack for sp1….

  48. StanYouRetard:

    Stan, You are a Retard!! Only retards like you, total dumbfuckfaces like you turn off their antivirus! Not every crack and/or emu is a trojan dropper or shiat like that, ‘ cuse da scene is on real hacks’n cracks. Just lame nobrains without skillz and without ballz indecting releases. So stfu you moron

  49. Jeet Singh:

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  52. Dave:

    StanYouRetard…`re a douche nozzle. If you read Stan`s post a little closer you`d understand what he`s trying to say. Learn how to type ACTUAL words, too, hog-jockey. The only no-brain here is you.
    And all the other ball-gazers asking for a crack rather than going to a torrent site and downloading one.
    Eat my ass.

  53. jitendra:

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